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Vote For All You're Worth #87

Da Poops!

Here are my picks of the Shirt Woot! contest this week.

This week's theme is

Derby Contest #732: Wonderfully Weird


I Heart Weirdos by shadyjibes

WHY? .. I found this with only 15 votes, but why??? love the style, shapes and creativity. It's an awesome shirt! perfectly weird, this shirt needs more love...

Stay Weird by fishbiscuit5

WHY? .. this kitty corn is just the cutest, the pastel colors are super fun too. This would make those with the coldest hearts smile.

The Mythical Tacocorn by walmazan

WHY? .. this shirts a real beaute, the vibrancy and contrast of colors almost make it 3D in a way that your eyes can see, so you don't have to put on those dumb glasses. I hope woot print this on heather grey too so we can have it on ALL the things! shirt ✔ sweater ✔ long sleeve shirt ✔ Hoodie ✔ also a mug would be nice!

but wait there's more... I found some SUPER ARTY STUFF!!!

PSYCHEDELIA - Unicornucopia

EXPRESSIONISM - There are four lights!

SURREALISM - Purrrrsistence of Laziness


click the link below to see the

entire contest

To The Derby, Make Haste!

here's how to vote...

by kind permission of 'the hookshot'

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