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Vote For All You're Worth #70

Da Poops!

Here are my picks of the Shirt Woot! contest this week.

This week's theme is

Derby Contest #714: The Big Bang!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...

Bruce's Laboratory by jrberger

WHY? I can't believe this has never been done before! it's soooooooo super awesome, happy jump! a great characterisation of my favourite super hero.

acronym by Spiritgreen

WHY? "I'm not sure I believe in science, it seems complicated, there's a lot to learn, I say why bother?", that's probably where the Challenge Everything bit comes in, although I'm still not convinced, maybe you can persuade me with some facts.

Giant Asteroid - 2020 by obvian

WHY? We had a good run! 2020 isn't that far away, so support Giant Asteroid today!

but wait... there's more...

click the link below to see the

entire contest

To The Derby, Make Haste!

here's how to vote...

by kind permission of 'the hookshot'

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