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Vote For All You're Worth #58

Da Poops!

Here are my picks of the Shirt Woot! contest this week.

This week's theme is

Derby Contest #702: Tsar Raws!

roughly translated that means... you know.. wars of the stars or something

here are my faves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...

Keeping It Real by rglee129

WHY? Incredible illo! all the little details make me squeal with delight. The contrast between the merch and "reality" makes this a real gem.

The Original Rebels by sweetravin

WHY? this design is gorgeous, apart from the fun parody and characterisation I really love the soft colors especially the kind of 3d glasses effect of pink and blue around the characters pretty sweeeeetravin

Chewy And Friends by dinomike

WHY? I'm so sorry but I really can't help myself.. my Porg obsession is fueled by this shirt, I am at their mercy, just look at those lil cutie pies!

but wait... there's more...

...don't forget about Poopycakes!

click the link below to see the

entire contest

To The Derby, Make Haste!

here's how to vote...

by kind permission of 'the hookshot'

#design #contest #picks #shirtwoot #cute #art #funny

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