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Vote For All You're Worth #55

Da Poops!

Here are my picks of the Shirt Woot! contest this week.

This week's theme is " T-LIST 2018 - THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE! "

... here are my faves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...

Esc to Nature by thehookshot

WHY? cool, clever and nature, who can ask for more!

Toys Were Us by acraigl

WHY? such a fun, clever also tear jerking idea, one of the most successful shirts of the year both in sales and execution.

We Are America by walmazan

WHY? the true spirit of America in a t-shirt, simple, cute and fun.

but wait... there's more...revisit these recent classics and vote!

...don't forget my count too!

(shameless, but heck, i needs the votes :)

click the link below to see the

entire contest

To The Derby, Make Haste!

here's how to vote...

by kind permission of 'the hookshot'

#design #contest #picks #shirtwoot #cute #art #funny

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