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Vote For All You're Worth #31

Da Poops!

Here's my picks of the Shirt Woot! contest this week

This week is the theme is "Derby #675: All Hallows Sleeve!"

A wealth of spooky treasure can be found in the derby this week!!!!

... but here are my faves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for a super happy vote!

Haunted Ride by Spiritgreen - WHY? I just love a sequel, this is the fourth in Spiritgreen's ghosties series, all the little ghosts and details are gorgeous aaaaand a bold move with the orange shirt instead of slate this year (who doesn't love an orange shirt!?!)

Pumpkin Pals by kg07 - WHY? beautifully creepy from kg07, those lines, colors and shading! and the little pet <3 soooooo creepy cute. Reminds me of a comic I used to know called Lenore, check it out! it be awesome.

Dia de los Vengadores by walmazan - WHY? a fab mash up of candy skulls and the marvel characters, great details and characterisations, my fave's Black Panther.


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