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Vote For All You're Worth #24

Da Poops!

Here's my picks of the Shirt Woot! contest this week

This week is the theme is "Life in the Style of Anime"

here are my faves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for a super happy vote!

PoliticZ by ste7enl - WHY? it's political, but not as we know it! a non partisan shirt that everyone can wear! * very clever ste7enl.

* ok, so apart from greens and uber progressives I guess :)

ROAD RAGE! by acraigl - WHY? a rage shirt to wear at all times, beautiful texts! amazing distressing, a real power piece, RAGE all day!

Super Happy Fun Shirt by krittikae - WHY? I've died and gone to Super Happy Fun heaven, this shirt's a beaut. Pink and yellow are one of those weird combos that people love or hate, eeeeek I love it!!!!!!!!!


#design #contest #picks #shirtwoot #cute #art

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