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Vote For All You're Worth #20

Da Poops!

WE MADE IT TO 20 of these!

Thought it would be a super fun idea to pick my fave designs each week up for voting on Shirt.Woot!

This week is the theme is "Wonders of the World" conceived by woot artist Apelad

here are my faves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ super happy vote!

Greetings from the Yarn Ball by Spiritgreen WHY? remember that wonderful time we had last summer going to see that epic yarn ball? Spiritgreen does! The characters in this are just so darling, that kiddy cat with the hat and the cup is just so adorable! lovely layout too and on grass green, we need more bright shirts for summer.

It Was Aliens by fishbiscuit5 - WHY? those colors really pop! an unusual color palette and very nice composition make for a super appealing shirt from Fishbiscuit.

nekolossus by mekazoo - WHY? great concept, lines and colors. This lucky cat of epic proportions makes me feel luckier just looking at it :)

Da Poops!


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