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Vote For All You're Worth #4

Da Poops!

Missed a week cause the T-List 2018: Community Choice! was on.

Thought it would be a super fun idea to pick my fave designs each week up for voting on Shirt.Woot!

I think these special shirts deserve a super happy vote!

This week is the theme is "Joke's on You"

1 - Dad Jokes by MrBignell - WHY? it just made me laugh out loud, even when my own design was doing abysmally.

2 - Why Did The Chicken... by Simic - WHY? mind your own business! ok I'll tell you... great joke, awesome colors and texture and aww such a grumpy lil chick.

Joint 3 - No Joke by Fishbiscuit5 - WHY? I live my life by this rule, maybe I should be more open, but I will be getting this when it prints :)

Joint 3 - Barium by Acraigl - WHY? clever and cool


#design #contest #picks #shirtwoot #cute

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