Handcrafted Felt Sculptures for the Discerning Collector! (that's you!)

Awesomely Cute Woolly Sculptures, Individually Handmade in the UK.

A Poopycakes is a totally unique fluffy collectable.

There's no one cheekier than Cupcakey, so many different colours and toppings.

PoPo is the cutest lil poo you ever saw.  He's your buddy and he loves to dress up.

Mystery, I can't tell you a lot about Mystery Poopycakes, they are a very secretive breed, they appear rarely but when they do they love to surprise and delight.

Every Poopycakes is individually handmade from The Most Awesome Wool Using Needle Felting, An Ancient Technique Of Fusing Together Raw Wool Fibres Using A Single Barbed Needle... Incredible!